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WBAB/WBLI "Plugged into Long Island" features Dr. Jesse Stoff (AFAC)
and Marc Futterweit (Male Breast Cancer Coalition)

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: As the show airs shortly after breast cancer awareness month, the MBCC continues the pursuit of a ground-level assault on male breast cancer through awareness to get all men tested. Futterweit provides current numbers as part of his a public health alert . "In the United States, the estimates are that one in 844 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime according to the American Cancer Society... and approximately 2,550 new cases are expected to come out this year. The estimated cases per year in the UK is 390. In Australia, it's 148. The mortality rate for men is higher than that of women due to the lack of awareness and/or, ironically, a misdiagnosis. There's been recorded 480 deaths so far, which is almost 20%, which is ridiculous because of the fact that men are not aware of what's going on."


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A review about Environmental Carcinogens and the genesis behind our Awareness Crusade

There are certain areas that seem to have higher rates of cancer as compared to other locations in the U.S. When there are a concentration of cancer cases among the residents of a certain geographical location within a specified period of time, it is known as a cancer cluster. Therefore, it becomes necessary to study and determine whether there is something within that particular area that is causing cancer amongst the residents. New York Long Island Cancer Cluster Research Progress In New York, cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths. According to New York State’s Department of Health, approximately 100,000 people in the region are diagnosed with cancer.


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What is Awareness for a Cure?

"More than a clinician, there's always been a major side of me that's been about education and awareness," starts Dr. Stoff. "To truly fight cancer, we have to attack this from all fronts- including sharing and providing the most current information, statistics, treatment strategies and who's who in the battlefield". His 20+ years of experience as a medical professional in treating cancer patients helped empower his extensive list of publications, articles and educational videos that are publicly available to the cancer community and fundraising organizations. November 19, 2018, WBAB/WBLI invited a NY community health crusader, Dr. Jesse Stoff - clinical cancer immunologist and co-founder of an advocacy organization called Awareness for a Cure (AFAC) and guest Marc Futterweit, regional ambassador of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) and two-time breast cancer survivor. Together, they shared the mic and publicized vital information about this special type of cancer that seems to continue to grow in numbers worldwide.


Awareness for a Cure Shares Airtime with Male Breast Cancer Coaltion @WBAB
"Plugged Into Long Island" with Ted Lindner has been supporting all local non-profit groups since 2015, conducting exclusive live interviews with community leaders, fundraisers and cancer foundations. The popular island rock-station airs some of the most current shows that spotlight our many helpful crusaders. CLICK LINK FOR COMPLETE RELEASE

MEET OUR NEWEST FRIENDS: Please help us welcome our newest partners in the fight against world cancer- the MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION! Cheri Ambrose of New Jersey was the founder of The Blue Wave, a local organization designed to spread awareness of MALE BREAST CANCER. She knew of six men who had survived breast cancer. Desperate for more information on MALE BREAST CANCER, Cheri took to the internet as so many of us do on a daily basis. She found the story of Bret Miller, Founder of the Bret Miller 1T Foundation from Kansas City. Bret first discovered a lump in his breast at the age of 17, but for seven years all the doctors told him not to worry. When he was 24, Bret had a mastectomy. Since his Stage 1 MALE BREAST CANCER diagnosis, Bret made a promise to his surgeon vowing no man should ever feel alone when they hear the words, “You have breast cancer...” (--continued, see website)

Innovative New Cancer Detection from A "SIMPLE BLOOD TEST"
Recently, a new form of blood test called IvyGene can confirm the presence of cancer as early as stage 1 by providing measurable data in the form of a score to make it easier to understand- while confirming the presence of cancer early, when it can be more easily managed and treated. "...our mission is to make cancer testing available and affordable for everyone. We work closely with thousands of physicians nationwide to provide early cancer confirmation and save lives sooner. Unlike many genetic tests that use DNA to determine the propensity or possibility of developing cancer over time, the IvyGene test confirms actual disease presence at the time of testing." (see complete article)


THE 9/11 CANCER MISSION: Each year, we honor those who have given everything including their lives during the 9/11 disaster. We also celebrate the survivors- especially the many rescuers who maintain the spirit of helping others through awareness and research. Meet Richard Marrone, a 9/11 first responder who is now an active supporter of regular screenings and cancer scans of the continued health threats to all exposed by the WTC toxins. As a medical person and an advocate for advanced medical treatment options, Mr. Marrone shares his philosophies about prevention and a proactive lifestyle to all at-risk survivors and first responders. (--See complete article) Also, see complete 9/11 Newsletter

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Each year, organizations across the country help raise $$ each year to fight breast cancer- adding resources and treatment options and survivorship. But the fight is not over. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among American women. Maintaining a regular comprehensive schedule of mammograms and 3d sonograms greatly lowers the risk of contracting breast cancer. If you are 50 to 74 years old, It is recommended to have a screening mammogram every two years. Anyone 40 to 49 years old should talk to a doctor about when to start and how often to get a screening mammogram.

The world of cancer care is comprised of some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals who committed much (if not most) of their lives into the pursuits of helping others. To truly get in the fight, there is no better way than to bond with colleagues and gain the support of our fellow do-gooders. The New York Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA) is a privately managed Linkedin-based private group of cancer related professionals. NYCRA is established as a private circle of like minds bringing support to the existing resources (that's YOU) in the form of increasing your web visibility, new exposure to your events or article posts and grow your alliance. (Visit our website)

Launch of the first New York Cancer Resource Alliance Meeting with a Presentation on “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION”
5/10/2018, NYC- THE LOTOS CLUB hosted the first educational presentatrion of AWARENESS FOR A CURE's "EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION" which included Dr. Robert Bard and guest speaker Dr. Art Bartunek (nutrition expert) for a public health & awareness discussion. This is also the first meeting for the NY CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE members to discuss interactive education about all current cancer topics to community groups & organizations where recognized cancer professionals and medical experts can speak openly and directly with the public as a media prototype and a program for nationwide access. "Our allies from NYCRA collaborated on the many possible ways that we can bring continued awareness to the public about current options for all patients...", says the group's medical community advisor, Dr. Jesse Stoff. "...we hope to bring speakers from all walks of the cancer support community to represent their mission and share their perspectives -- from medical directors to alternative & holistic professionals, nutritionists, professors, cancer coaches, research labs, scientific analysts to the cancer foundations and fundraisers... the topics are endless and so is the work that goes behind the community of professionals on the front lines of battling cancer." See complete article

Oct. 2016- Awareness for a Cure's founder Dr. Jesse Stoff launched his first major charities initiative by conducting a public awareness & fundraising effort for selected organizations as well as develop grant-finding resources for needy patients (see By the summer, Dr. Stoff and friends embarked on the first wave of fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “Team Stoff” joined this year’s LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK- (10/15) an inspirational and memorable 2K walk where participants in nearly 200 communities across North America join together to support the cause by carrying illuminated lanterns to take steps to end blood cancers. “It’s an amazing experience to be part of such a beautiful event where it’s all about love and sharing- I’m here to support my many patients and all others who are exposed to this type of cancer”, says Dr. Stoff. He endorses the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's efforts to fight cancer as an official LLS challenger group. More than seeking donations, members of team Stoff pledged to share all LLS information and their objectives through digital networks and social media as part of the awareness objective. A reported 5000+ lanterns lit the night where each person brought even more family members and friends to fill Eisenhower Park with a night of complete support for survivors or lost loved ones. According to Kristina Curatolo, Sr. Director of Special Events, LLS anticipated to raise more than $1.36 million from the event, where post-event is expected to bring in significant follow-up $$.

AWARENESS FOR A CURE is committed to publishing, sharing and posting the best charity and fundraising events on Long Island. We also support interviews with recent heroes and survivors in the battle against cancer. Check out and Subscribe to our brand new YouTube Channel for the latest and upcoming videos and feature stories. If you have an event or know someone with an inspiring survivor story, drop us a line at and we would love to produce and publish your new entry!


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Mrs. Jennifer Hunt of Long Island is an 8 year breast cancer survivor turned advocate for breast cancer awareness and a fundraiser for LI2DAY. After her final surgery to eliminate breast cancer with a double mastectomy, Mrs. Hunt opted for breast implants from her treatment center at a NYC cancer center. In June of this year, she received a letter from her oncologist alerting about a "possible rare cancer" that has been linked to her specific implant type. Upon her own personal investigation, she found this was an ongoing worldwide problem for quite some time. "It has been kept quiet to apparently not raise major panic in the community," says Mrs. Hunt- while finding more and more stories of diagnosed women from social media groups, news articles and government statistics. (see complete press release) Downloadable PDF

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