Awareness for a Cure is a FREE full service resource publication for all cancer sufferers and survivors on Long Island and its proximity. AFAC publishes existing grants, posts educational how-to's written by professional experts, publishes current L.I. fundraiser news, presents any and all Island-based cancer foundations and showcases survivor stories through the AFAC blogs and Video Channel. AFAC NEWS comprises of covering 5k walks/races and fundraising efforts to raise $$ to find a cure for debilitating diseases. AFAC is established under several non-profit groups: Best Answer for Cancer (tm) and S.I.M.R. (Stoff Integrative Medical Research) and welcomes all cancer-related information for the Long Island reader.


Since 2006, Dr. Jesse Stoff (onco-immunologist) has been involved in supporting other research groups and foundations through his own non-profit entity called S.I.M.R. (Stoff Institute for Medical Research) and has recently established a public project called AWARENESS FOR A CURE. “With the help of a few friends”, AFAC was inspired by a host of cancer foundations and members of the Long Island Caregivers Group geared at creating a resource for all Long Island-directed grants, 5k walks/races and fundraising efforts to raise $$ to find a cure for debilitating diseases. “There are so many ways to join the fight against Cancer”, starts Dr. Stoff. “Being a health practitioner is one way, but having public resources to get patients funding, education, treatment options or services to help them restore their lives is also a major home-run for so many!”

One of Dr. Stoff’s greatest allies in this philanthropic mission Ms. Annie Brandt (TX)- founder of BEST ANSWER FOR CANCER (bestanswerforcancer.org)- cancer survivor turned advocate and global educational crusader for the many treatment and survival options. BAFC is an international organization of doctors and patients working to shift the cancer paradigm from a one-size-fits-all disease-based approach to a patient-centered, integrative medical approach- supporting integrative oncology that addresses the disease while considering the uniqueness of each patient. “We wish to empower physicians and patients to adopt the newer, more successful paradigm-- we believe the best answer for cancer is an approach that destroys the cancer while enhancing the overall health of the patient.” States Ms. Brandt. BAFC became one of the founding partners for Awareness for a Cure by helping to of support the many notable organizations on Long Island. The new Long Island branch is committed to sharing all Island-based special events, spotlighting the vision of the founders and helping fundraisers through social media and seeking out volunteers.


One of the main reasons for public awareness includes the empowering inspiration of 'good news'. Especially in the fight against chronic diseases like cancer, success stories from innovations, medical breakthroughs and personal achievements, "positivity" in the form of a testimonial can be quite impactful to us all. Hearing about a survivor's journey can reinforce our inner strength throughout our own personal challenges. They can easily help us through the dark loneliness of illness and help elevate us through the emotional hurdles of the treatment and (even) post-treatment phases. Here is just one of a growing number of stories direct from a cancer survivor working her way into remission. Rachel Klein has completed her treatments battling Leukemia and reflects on how it all happened.

If you have a survivor story worth telling and wish to share it with us on camera, just drop us a line (email: awareness4acure@gmail.com). Your story can help so many pull through the rough parts of recovery.


AWARENESS FOR A CURE Sponsored in part by the LONG ISLAND CAREGIVERS GROUP, our initiative aims to support the many Long Island-based charity groups dedicated to the fight against chronic and auto-immune diseasses. We aspire to be a satelite support team, a fellow fundraising arm and an extra loudspeaker for raising awareness for the missions of our many fundraising friends. This year, we are forging new alliances and partnerships in the public and private sectors and we wish to take action on behalf of our partner charities as well as in the interest of global human care.

KEEP IT AWAY! One of the most comprehensive works for all cancer survivors is "STAYING IN REMISSION" - written by our founder, Dr. Jesse Stoff. It's a FREE booklet redeemable only through your local authorized cancer charity organization. This booklet is a remarkable guide to maintaining a disease-free, worry-free and healthy body, mind and existence-- all designed to keep the "bad guys" away.


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