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Whether you believe cancer is a one-time disease or not, there are many cases where cancer comes back (and at times) with a vengeance! Some hide, stay dormant and over time can appear in a different area of the body. Awareness is one of the best weapons to keep the bad guys away. Staying proactive means living a life of staying on top of your health and bring mindful of how to maintain your immune system, your nutrition, your stress and (of course) getting checkups.

Meet Arnaldo Silva- Cancer Survivor and our recent poster-fellow for a SECOND OPINION and PROACTIVE HEALTH. "This experience taught me a lot. Being alive today to learn a lesson is a good place to be! I learned to upgrade my insurance plan and how a “good deal” may be so limited when you need it most (especially for someone with a pre-existing condition). I learned that not all doctors are the same- and settling for the doctors on your plan may not always be enough. Most importantly, I learned to never keep something like this to yourself ever again. Get other people involved, get their opinions and surround yourself with smart people who care. When it comes to our health, TIME is everything. Like they say at the MTA, if you see something, say something... and don't stop until you're SAFE!"

Read about his recent scare that turned into a powerful exercise in RECURRENCE PREVENTION (See article)

"In the past week, there were 8 dealths due to 9/11 related issues," - says CAPITAN RICHARD MARRONE, 9/11 responder, Long Island firefighter and retired paramedic. Watch this compelling video about GET CHECKED NOW! (vs. LATER) - a plan that makes a world of difference when it comes to cancer. He understands the many concerns and fears of a cancer screening but he is part of the AWARENESS mission to stay proactive. "We have lost so many loved ones from cancer and we're still losing more each week."

The FDNY is filled with the most unique individuals who give of themselves for the greater good of others. They sacrifice everything in the line of duty for the preservation of all life in our surrounding community. This special calling continues in SAL BANCHITTA, retired firefighter who took on a life task of bringing continued awareness about the state of cancer to all first responders. As an avid researcher, he and his band of educators share their experiences and discoveries about cancer while promoting PREVENTATIVE care. He is a major crusader of the GET CHECKED NOW! movement and a messenger of staying out of trouble. As cancers are prevalent in the firefighter community, "Cousin Sal" takes a personal stand against this disease by driving the word of vigilance, staying informed and recognizing that CANCER IS SNEAKY!

 Meet Cousin Sal - retired from the FDNY, he's still committed to saving lives!

“I contracted Male Breast Cancer TWICE, just when I thought it was gone the first time. I learned that cancer doesn't give up - so neither should you! Stay smart, be proactive and follow a RECURRENCE PREVENTION plan to KEEP CANCER AWAY.” MARC FUTTERWEIT-- Survivor/Senior Ambassador for Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Doctors will never guarantee that your cancer is gone forever, even after the remission period. The American Medical Community suggests that all survivors of cancer should subscribe to proper health and nutritional standards to support continued prevention. Take the right steps to OUTSMART CANCER TODAY by learning how recurrence works. Start by managing a healthy (and organic) lifestyle, support a regular fitness regimen and schedule an annual monitoring program with an advanced imaging professional or physician specializing in cancer diagnostics to maintain regular screening protocols for early detection or to help prevent cancer recurrence. (See complete flyer)

Awareness for a Cure Shares Airtime with Male Breast Cancer Coaltion @WBAB
"Plugged Into Long Island" with Ted Lindner has been supporting all local non-profit groups since 2015, conducting exclusive live interviews with community leaders, fundraisers and cancer foundations. The popular island rock-station airs some of the most current shows that spotlight our many helpful crusaders. • SEE VIDEO CLIPS FROM THE INTERVIEW


OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Each year, organizations across the country help raise $$ each year to fight breast cancer- adding resources and treatment options and survivorship. But the fight is not over. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among American women. Maintaining a regular comprehensive schedule of mammograms and 3d sonograms greatly lowers the risk of contracting breast cancer. If you are 50 to 74 years old, It is recommended to have a screening mammogram every two years. Anyone 40 to 49 years old should talk to a doctor about when to start and how often to get a screening mammogram.

Welcome to the World of CARE

The desire to extend a helping hand to those in need is in all of us- especially when someone's health or physical well being is at risk. Leading the global front of this helping hand means searching for a cure against ALL major diseases and banding together as a community to form a solid support resource system from a grassroots level.

In the early 1900's, identifying cancer meant certain death. This brought the medical and non-medical people together to help establish the beginnings of what is to become a world-wide mission to battle and elimintate cancers and other devastating illnesses. Some of the most remarkable organizations have formed such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (1949) and the American Cancer Society (1913) who worked tirelessly in their crusade by assembling fundraisers, perform outreach projects and conduct educational programs-- all in the name of finding help for the many victims while funding the continuance of medical research for advanced treatment options. In recent years, cancer mortality has successfully shown a consistent decline due to the effectiveness of modern treatments and advanced methodologies. Where strongly funded and well-supported sciences are gaining significant technological advantage over what was once a vastly unknown disease, the rate of survivors are measuring well above the stats from years prior. But the fight is far from over.



Visit: Awareness for a Cure "Survivor Stories" If you have a survivor story worth telling and wish to share it with us on camera, just drop us a line (email: Your story can help so many pull through the rough parts of recovery.

One of the main reasons for public awareness includes the empowering inspiration of 'good news'. Especially in the fight against chronic diseases like cancer, success stories from innovations, medical breakthroughs and personal achievements, "positivity" in the form of a testimonial can be quite impactful to us all. Hearing about a survivor's journey can reinforce our inner strength throughout our own personal challenges. They can easily help us through the dark loneliness of illness and help elevate us through the emotional hurdles of the treatment and (even) post-treatment phases. Here is just one of a growing number of stories direct from a cancer survivor working her way into remission. Rachel Klein has completed her treatments battling Leukemia and reflects on how it all happened.

MEET OUR NEWEST FRIENDS: Please help us welcome our newest partners in the fight against world cancer- the MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION! Cheri Ambrose of New Jersey was the founder of The Blue Wave, a local organization designed to spread awareness of MALE BREAST CANCER. She knew of six men who had survived breast cancer. Desperate for more information on MALE BREAST CANCER, Cheri took to the internet as so many of us do on a daily basis. She found the story of Bret Miller, Founder of the Bret Miller 1T Foundation from Kansas City. Bret first discovered a lump in his breast at the age of 17, but for seven years all the doctors told him not to worry. When he was 24, Bret had a mastectomy. Since his Stage 1 MALE BREAST CANCER diagnosis, Bret made a promise to his surgeon vowing no man should ever feel alone when they hear the words, “You have breast cancer...” (--continued, see website)

THE 9/11 CANCER MISSION: Each year, we honor those who have given everything including their lives during the 9/11 disaster. We also celebrate the survivors- especially the many rescuers who maintain the spirit of helping others through awareness and research. Meet Richard Marrone, a 9/11 first responder who is now an active supporter of regular screenings and cancer scans of the continued health threats to all exposed by the WTC toxins. As a medical person and an advocate for advanced medical treatment options, Mr. Marrone shares his philosophies about prevention and a proactive lifestyle to all at-risk survivors and first responders. (--See complete article) Also, see complete 9/11 Newsletter


Launch of the first New York Cancer Resource Alliance Meeting with a Presentation on “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION”
5/10/2018, NYC- THE LOTOS CLUB hosted the first educational presentatrion of AWARENESS FOR A CURE's "EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION" which included Dr. Robert Bard and guest speaker Dr. Art Bartunek (nutrition expert) for a public health & awareness discussion. This is also the first meeting for the NY CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE members to discuss interactive education about all current cancer topics to community groups & organizations where recognized cancer professionals and medical experts can speak openly and directly with the public as a media prototype and a program for nationwide access. "Our allies from NYCRA collaborated on the many possible ways that we can bring continued awareness to the public about current options for all patients...", says the group's medical community advisor, Dr. Jesse Stoff. "...we hope to bring speakers from all walks of the cancer support community to represent their mission and share their perspectives -- from medical directors to alternative & holistic professionals, nutritionists, professors, cancer coaches, research labs, scientific analysts to the cancer foundations and fundraisers... the topics are endless and so is the work that goes behind the community of professionals on the front lines of battling cancer." See complete article




Breaking News:

Mrs. Jennifer Hunt of Long Island is an 8 year breast cancer survivor turned advocate for breast cancer awareness and a fundraiser for LI2DAY. After her final surgery to eliminate breast cancer with a double mastectomy, Mrs. Hunt opted for breast implants from her treatment center at a NYC cancer center. In June of this year, she received a letter from her oncologist alerting about a "possible rare cancer" that has been linked to her specific implant type. Upon her own personal investigation, she found this was an ongoing worldwide problem for quite some time. "It has been kept quiet to apparently not raise major panic in the community," says Mrs. Hunt- while finding more and more stories of diagnosed women from social media groups, news articles and government statistics. (see complete press release) Downloadable PDF

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